Saturday, October 15, 2011

fall breakk

well this breakk was interesting didnt do anything special but it was a blastt! i mostly hung out with friendss, you know the usuall:) me and julia made a bestfriend bear, shes so dang cute and cozzy! her name is paisley, cute ayee?;) me raegan and julia hung out like every single dayy<3 hah gotta love emm! break was amazing. i do NOT want to go back to school at all! but that lifee.:)

Monday, May 30, 2011

almost florida!

soo lets see there one more day till i get to go to florida and im really excited! but for some reason im a little scared! but idk why!?
i know im gonna have a blast! but i sure am gonna miss everyone..i mean 10 days!? ahh ive never been gone that long! i hope i take lots of pictures! its a memory that will last forever foo shhoo:) its the first time ive ever been to the east  never in my life have i gone to the east coast! i wonder if the beach will be cold!? all i kknow is that its gonna rain every single day! thats one thing that sucks but oh well! ill deal with that! haha i really hope that i get a tan..thats all i want is a tan! tan tan tan!!! but knowing that its gonna be overcasted thats a dream im just gonna have to be keep on dreaming! well anyways im really excited! i sooo cant wait! i hope its fun and i hope the kids im going with wont be that bad;) haha but there fun! espically my aunt! anyyyywayyyssss. hope your summer is going great! keep me in touch :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011


holy cow..its summer already? this year has gone by so fast! but it sure was amazing. i had a blast with all my friends. and this summer is only gonna get better. i plan on doing lots of hanging out with my girls this summer and start making summer 2011 memories. may i add, i need to start working on my tan. by the end of this summer my goal is to be tanner then lynsey gauman.:) haha well anyways i hope everyone has a blast during this summer cause i know i will! and i already kicked off my summer with an amazing start! hanging out with the whole shabang!


hey yall,
i finally got a blog and lemme tell you im stocked! I've always wanted one of these. I'm new to all these bloggin so dont mind me i really have no clue what im doing! i hope you like all my posts that ill be postin sooner or later. i really have no clue to write on this so i guess ill just see you guys later. i hope your all having an amazing summer!
PEACE (-<)